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Mid-Mount Z’s


A mid-mount Z from Wright Manufacturing can handle your biggest, toughest jobs without breaking a sweat or stride.

Sometimes there’s just no substitute for horsepower and speed on extra large jobs. With the Wright Z™, you also don’t have to sacrifice a high quality cut for muscle to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Yet it also features a compact, lightweight design that fits easily on a trailer and reduces rut damage on soft turf. And the low center of gravity gives you the stability to handle hills and maneuver around obstacles with confidence.

  • Rugged and durable deck sizes of 48”, 52” and 61”

  • Engines: 25.5 and 27.0 HP Kawasaki

  • Runs faster and cooler while extending the life of the hydro system with 16 cc hydro pumps (versus the competition’s 10 and 12 cc versions)

  • More agile and less damaging to the turf; up to 300 lbs lighter than the industry average

  • Up to 3” shorter than the industry average for tighter, faster turns and easy portability

  • Innovative belt drive arrangements put the hydro pumps, engine and seat lower than other mid-mount Z’s for greater overall stability

  • The rear wheels move forward or backward for better balance when using a collection system

The Wright Z comes with one of the most advanced cutting decks available today, the revolutionary Wright AERO CORE™ deck.  Every inch of the deck is designed to deliver unparalleled cut quality, turn-on-a-dime maneuverability and the reliability you expect from Wright. The AERO CORE™ deck includes:

  • Compact footprint and space-saving design

  • Recessed caster wheels for a smaller turning radius

  • Air-tapered surfaces that eliminate clumping

  • Airflow that stands grass up for a uniform cut

  • Anti-scalp rollers for smooth, even results on varying terrain

Wright provides a 2-year Limited Warranty on mowers, which covers parts and labor.

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