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*Finance available from 36 to 48 without interest.

Hitch Receiver - Class 1 hitch for easier mounting of accessories

Parker® HTE - Smooth steering and 1000 hour oil change intervals

The BlackHawk provides the ultimate mowing experience with superior value, advanced operator controls, commercial grade components, and unmatched performance.

  • Foot-Operated OCDC – Our new foot-operated OCDC (operator-controlled discharge chute) allows you to keep your hands on the steering levels while closing the discharge chute on the fly.

  • Proven Power – Equipped with the industry preferred Kawasaki® FS and Briggs & Stratton® Cyclonic engines for trusted reliability and performance.

  • V6 Cutting System – Offered in three cutting widths (48", 54", and 60"), the V6 Deck features a deep 7 gauge shell to handle more volume and produce more vacuum.

  • Smoothest Steering – The Parker® HTE series transmissions are compact, quiet, and 15% more efficient than the competition.

  • Total Comfort – The high-back, padded, and over-sized boulstered seat hugs your torso for ultimate comfort.

  • Peer® Turf Xtreme® Spindles – Maintenance free and constructed of high-strength ductile iron.

OCDC - Foot-operated to keep your hands on the steering levers

PEER® Spindles - Maintenance free with Contamination Exclusion Technology

48", 54", and 60" Decks - Deep 7 gauge shell to tackle deep grass with ease

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